Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tuesday thought: Kopenhagen Fur

After I've been wearing my fur jacket from my Fur With A Feeling post (read it here) I've thought a lot about fur and I've been talking about it with people even discussing it with friends and family.

The jacket I'm wearing is real fur. I am sorry if any of you is against real fur. And that is exactly what I want to talk about in this post.

I don't like the idea of real fur, especially not if the animals were treated badly. I was at first really scared to wear the jacket to school, because I didn't really know what people would think (fur is actually a big trend at my school so it is not fur that were the problem for me, it was that is is real).

I recently got these keyring/chain as a present (pictures after the text). This idea I have seen a lot on social medias - but the difference here is, yes you guessed is, that this is real fur.
They was a gift, but they are by on of the biggest fur companies Kopenhagen Fur in their range Oh!. And did you know this; that the fur of the animals is used to do these luxury items and jackets ect, but the rest of the animal is made into fuel. Not just fuel, but this "green" fuel that does that a lot of the buses in Copenhagen is good for the climate. When my dad told me this I felt a bit better about using these, but I still wasn't quite sure.

Then I talked to my friend Johanne about it, I have mentioned Johanne before (you can read about our story here). And she told me she has this blanket that also is real fur, but she got it as a gift from her cousin. At first she didn't want to use it because it was real fur, but then she thought twice about it and she felt that now that she hadn't bought it, she didn't have to feel bad about that, and she felt like it was a shame if it didn't get used at all, then the animal died for no one to even use it.

That think made me think about my fur items again. And now I wear them. Not because I support real fur and animals for getting treated badly - not at all! But because I didn't buy them; the coat is so old that it is from my great grandmother and the keyrings was a gift. It would be a shame if it didn't get used at all? You see what I'm thinking here?

Anyway! I would really like to hear your opinion on this, because I'm still not truely confident in this as it is such a thin line between it being a bad thing and for it to be okay. Let me hear your thoughts down below in the comments or anywhere else you feel like!

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