Tuesday, 26 April 2016

18 before 18

It is my 17th birthday!! And therfore there is some goals I want to do before I turn 18!

1. Take part in a run 

I don't need to run a marathon, but it would be pretty cool to attend a run and maybe for a good cause?

2. Get good at running

This is a little hard. I already run and I'm okay at it, but I just need to believe that I'm good at it and feel like I can do it!

3. Try out yoga!

It should be calming, right?

4. Give the gym a go

I've always said I don't work out in the gym. I need to give it a go, because I do not know if I will like it or not!

5. Travel with Johanne

My best friend, Johanne had the honor of being the first one i traveled with. And now we are travel buddies and we need to travel more asap!

6. Love your body

It is not because I hate my body at all, but it would not hurt me to like it even more, and be happy and comfortable about the way I look.

7. Find a balance with food

I would love to be the healty person that wotks out and eat healthy all the time - but I also want to eat a little sweets now and then without feeling bad about it!

8. try out the vegetarian lifestyle

Even just for a day or a week?

9. Get a helix piercing

Because they are hella awesome and I've wanted one for years!

10. Learn to cook

Even just one meal! I suck at cooking. Poor my furture husmand.

11. Keep a journal

It would be cool if I for a year could keep a journal about my life, because I haven't been able to do it in my life yet.

12. Family time

I need to spend more time with my family!

13. Get my driving license

When I turn 18 I can!

14. Get my hunters license fully

Yes, I am a hunter, and I have 1/3 parts of the license!

15. Be positive

And wake up with a smile

16. Learn to braid

I can't braid. I can't do anything with my hair. I need to.

17. Accept myself

And accept that sometimes I need a break from working and school homework.

18. Get my blog going without stressing

And I think I'm going the right direction.


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