Sunday, 10 April 2016

How to style: ORANGE LIPS

Spring is definitely here and for me that means one thing: colours! Especially in my lip products. Red lips is always a-go-to-look for me, because it just adds something to an outfit no matter what you're wearing.

I dared to go a little out of my comfort-zone and ordered an orange lipstick from feelunique, the "soft matte lip cream" from NYX in the colour Marocco. You can see me talking about my order on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, by clicking on the link.

Now that I had this colout it was just how to wear it. I think an orange lipstick can get quite a lot of attention, more than a red lip, so I would just match it with something simple and down to earth and give the outfit a simple make-up look and then a boost with the orange lip.

What I matched it with was:
Black jeans from Pieces
Grey T-shirt with dots on the pocket from puma
Denim jacket from H&M
Trainers from Nike

And of course you don't need to match it with a simple outfit, you can also just wear it for a colourful outfit! It's perfect for those summerdresses which you will see an example off here on the blog in May, so stay around!

So take a risk and rock that lip colour you're so afraid of!

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