Saturday, 23 April 2016

Liebster Blog Awards

I'm nominated for the Liebster Awards! If you don't know what it is, you can read more about it HERE

Thank you to for the nomination!

Here is the 11 questions I need to answer:

Is it your natural hair colour?: Yes it is!
What's your favorite clothing brand?: I do love H&M, the quality is good and it is not too expensive. I do also love the danish brand Vila or stores like Topshop. I'm not really into the expensive brands.
What's your favorite shoe company? Nike!
Are you into romantic or the sext underwear? Romantic.
What instagramers do you follow? I follow a lot as it is my favourite app to use. But the ones I always want to check on is Estee Lalonde, Hattiee_amilia, beansiie, earthlingmaxi and highhsoul
What mascara do you use? Max Factor clump defy!
What is your favourite clothing style? The comfortable, yet fashionable, feminine and most important the style that brings out you personality and not just follows a trend.
Do you use jewelry on  daily basis? YES! I'm always wearing my rings, sometimes I wear a necklace, but you're always sure you can find a ring on my finger!
How much time do you use on your blog on a weekly basis? I try to upload 2-3 time per week, but I always plan ahead so I always can prepare a few post out in the future if I get in a stressed situation where I need to do a lot of homework. But I actually use a lot of time on it in the weekand as blogging is my hobby - about 3-4 hours maybe?
What is the good and bad thing about blogging? Well the good thing is that I love doing it and I love being creative this way. The bad thing is that I can't use as much time on it as I want to due to school. And also it can be hard having good photos for style posts because I can't really get anyone to take them or have anywhere to the the photos. And also if you have worked really hard on a post and if no one reads it then.
What camera do you use to to blog? I use my Canon EOS 700D for almost everything! But If I can't bring it I use my little vlogging camera Canon IXUS 500 - Yes I'm a Conon girl.


The rules: 
 Answer the questions the tagger has asked // Create a new list of questions for their own nominees // Choose a list of their own nominees and notify them // Inform them of their nomination by leaving comment on their blog // Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
The 11 questions for my nominees:
How old are you?
Why did you start your blog?
Your best tip (both blogging or anything else)
Where do you get your inspiration?
What kind of blogs do you read yourself?
Who is your fovourite blogger?
What kind af blogpost do you read the most yourself?
What is your hobbys?
What and where is your travel dream?
What are the dreams and hopes for your blog?

My nominees: 


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  1. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other Beauty Write For Us blogs that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!


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