Sunday, 24 April 2016

My brothers konfirmation

Believe it or not but I'm the oldest sibling out of three. (Picture above: From left: Me and my brother who got konfirmeret. Top: me and my brothers. Bottom: Me and my boyfriend. Right: Me)

This Friday was one of the best days in my life (my own konfirmation was the best one, duh). It was my brothers big day. We all got dressed up for the big formal event that is a konfirmation.

I wore: 

Dress from H&M (with pockets!)
Black heels from New Look
Jewelry I got as gifts for my own konfirmation.

What even is a konfirmation?
My family is not that christian - no one in Denmark really is, I believe. Yet 8/10 decides to get their konfirmation.
So a konfirmation is, that you confirms (confirm = konfirmation = confirmation) you christian believe. When you're a baby your parents go to the church to get your christening, but in Denmark (and other scandinavian contries) you confirm that yes tour parents said to God - and you say yes yourself. Or some people decide that they don't believe and won't get their konfirmation.

That is basically a konfirmation. And then when you're done in the chuch with saying yes to God, you go home and have a big, bog, big party for friends and family to celebrate your believe.

Okay, but what now?
The time up to my brothers konfirmation has been a little stressed. A lot of things needed to be done, and I needed to prepare a speach for my brother (and I did it, and I'm so proud of myself). But because of all the stress I've had lately my blog, and content on social media have not been as much as it normally is. But now I'm back with more focus and hopefully better content!

I still have one more konfirmation to attend, my cousins, but everything should be more calm from now on!

Oh! And it is my birthday this Thuesday ;)

Until next time,


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