Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My go to spring look

This look is what I call my "fashionable look" because I find it quite fash in the way that makes you look like you did an effort in your outfit, but really you just picked out you stable pieces from your wardrobe.

What I'm wearing:
Boots from H&M
Girlfriend jeans from Cheap Monday
Striped T-shirt from Vila
Blazer from Mersklin Model

To me all of the pieces above is just items you need in your wardrobe to allways have a back-up outfit, and the items is so simple you can match them with almost everything. It is perfect for spring as you can never really trust the weather in Denmark. It can be so cold in the morning so you need a thick blazer like this one, and then in the middle of the day it's sunny and warm so you can take the blazer off and just wear the T-shirt.

I decided not to wear too much make-up to keep it simple an the eye to the outfit, and to just wear my hair naturally without trying to tame my curls. You can always add a little more to the outfit with a different hairstyle or a fancy lip colour and some jewelry.

Until next time, 


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