Sunday, 3 April 2016

My month in photos | March

Thought I would share a few moments from my month, with a few photos from my phone!

When the month started there where still snow outside:

I finally got to hang out with my old friends again, I've missed them!

I got to try more make-up:

Clothing was also a part of this month:

I was a lot by the water and saw my boyfriend catch a fish!:

But all that fishing was a little boring, so i brought my camera:

 I got to be a lot more creative!:

I skyped with my best friend that is in exhange, and chilled out whit my boyfriend:

I cutted my hair and got henna!

I got ready for a party, and at the party i got a challenge!

My boyfriend got me a ring, that he made himself. It was late for christmas and early for my birthday! But I still love it.

And my month was filled with food and sweet stuff:

And now in the end of the month, the weather is amazing and I' so ready for April!

Until next time, 


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