Sunday, 17 April 2016

My summer wish list: cute and affordable

Coachella festival is here again this year, and I just can't stop looking at all the celebs cool outfits. It makes me miss summer so much, seeing the walking around in cute summer outfits.

Therefore I have found a few cute summer outfits I would love to rock this summer - but even better: They're affordable! Just keep on reading:

This outfit! I love when a crop top and a skirt is matching, it is just a cool thing in the summer.
This set is so cute with flowers and you could easily dress it up with a cool hairstyle, some heels and a colourful bag for a summer party or just wear sandals and some sunglasses for a summer day out and about. Throw a denim jacket over it and that would also completely change the look!

Top: 180 DKK

Skirt: 200 DKK

I love the colour of this skirt! This colour I see everywhere and it has made me fall back in love with the colour pink (because it is not too pink, not too girly, not too much) it is just the right colour.
I would wear this skirt with a white top or shirt like THIS ONE and with some brown ancleboots like THESE

Skirt: 280 DKK
from Vila CLICK HERE

 Since last summer I've wanted a kimono. I think they can be so pretty and they are a easy way to do something to an outfit.
This black one is super easy to wear because it is black, but it makes it a little more summery with the flowers.
The thin material is also perfect for summer, because you can wear it without being too hot and it still protects you a little from the sun, and on a chilly summer night on the beach this one is perfect!

Kimono: 130 DKK

White shoes! They are the most wanted thing on my wish list right now. I've realized I only own shoes in colours or prints. That's right; I simply don't own a pair of white og black sneakers. I realle want THESE Adidas white shoes, but they were a little too expensive to put in this one. So instead I found these cool sneaks.
They are a little more pricy than i like, but what I like about these is that they would make me a little taller (And I definitly wouldn't complain if I was even just a few centimeters taller)

Sneakers: 500 DKK
From Superga CLICK HERE

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