Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What to have for a party - 5 tips

This Friday it was my turn to host the pre-party for my class, before we were heading to our school, for the last school party in this year. It was our last party as freshmans in high school, so there was a special feeling to it.

To be honest you don't need that much for a pre-party. We were at my place for about 2 hours before we had to leave. If you had a praty for more than just 2 hours, maybe you should just have a little more of the snacks, and that should be good.

What to have:


Some crisp/chips and some biscuts (here, Digestive biscuts) is always a good idea. To do the biscuts a little something more, you could make small "cakes" out of the. Put on some nutella and cut a strawberry si it fits on top and it looks a little more cute and professional!


Always music! Use spotify and finda party playlist or a top 100, and you should be covered in on everything! Let's dance!!


When alchol is a part of an event, always make sure you guest can use some water. Water and alchol is a good idea and help you not to become too drunk and feel too bad. Your guest might not think about water, if you don't place it there, so always have a bottle of water ready!

4. Paper cups

If you don't want all your cups and glasses to break by drunk people dropping them on the ground, always get some paper cups! These are easy to clean up (just throw them out) and it saves a lot of you real kitchen stuff. 

5. Drinks

Just have a few on the table when your guests gets there. Often they bring their own, but it's always nice as the host to have a little too (also for themselve) I just had some beers around and it just makes it look a lot more like a party when people arrives.

Another idea for a party, if you want it to be a little more fany, you can always have a "welcome drink" these are super easy; just have some alchol (for example a wine) and just add a strawberry or cherry and it looks pretty and cute. I wanted to do this myself, but then I would end up using a little too much money that is over the budget we have in my class. Here's some inspiration:

Have fun, have a party! 

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