Thursday, 12 May 2016

Kylie Jenner lip kit review

I have seen it in real life. I have held it in my hands. I have seen the Kylie Jenner lip kit. My friend Kristine (Instagram: @kristineb.l) was lucky enough to get her hands on it. I asked her to do a review fot you guys, and she was so lovely and did it. So here I give you a review from Kristine:

"The Kylie Jenner lip kit is one of the fastest sold out beauty product. When it gets launched it doesn’t take more than half an hour for it to get sold out. But there is a good reason why they are so sought out.

When I got my lip kit I was so excited. I had stayed up to 12, because of the time difference, to get the lip kit. When I was on the site it took so long time to get through, because there were so many people on. But when I finally got my order through I was so happy.

Because I live in Denmark the package had to go through customs. This was probably the thing I was most worried about. But I was lucky again, and my package went right through. When I bought the lip kit, I had also decided that if it got taken in the customs I would sell it, because I wouldn’t pay that much for a lip kit, even if it was an amazing one.

The lip kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. In the box you also get a note from Kylie Jenner. The box it comes in has the beautiful design with the dripping paint, and you get excited just looking at it.

The liquid lipstick and lip liner are absolutely amazing. The lip liner glides on so easily and the liquid lipstick is so pigmented and long lasting. But because it dries matte, it also gets really dry. So when using it I always put on lip balm first, to prevent my lips from getting to dry. My only real problem with the liquid lipstick is the smell. It smells like vanilla frosting, and I don’t really like it. But as soon as the lipstick is on you don’t really notice the smell, so it isn’t really a problem for me.

I think the lipstick is worth buying. I ended up paying $43.95 because of the shipping. The shipping was really expensive, and if you know someone in America, it would be cheaper to have them send it to you. But paying $29 for a liquid lipstick and a lip liner isn’t expensive at all. If you want the luxury and thinks that it is worth the money, I would definitely recommend it. Though when choosing a color, I would look a reviews first from people with the same skin-color as you, because the lipsticks looks so different on different skin-colors. And I would be totally sure before buying it, because it is a lot of money.

But if you are one of the people who wants one, there is a restock on Friday, where she also launches her new matte color Exposed, that is a color a little lighter than Candy K. I don’t know the time of the restock, but she will post it on her app. I am pretty sure she posts the launch only for those who have paid, but you will probably be able to find the time of the launch somewhere on the Internet"

So that is what Kristine had to say about the lip kit. I hope this little blogpost have helped you. if you was looking for what peoples opinion is one these out-of-stock product. Even though it was done in a different way, with a little collab from one of my friends, I hope you enjoyed it? Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for me to try to get in collabration with!

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