Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Life Lately

Hello my lovlies.
A little more serious this time than I usually am, I guess. Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been as active with the blog. I don't feel like I have been active on the blog, even though I have uploaded blogpost as I normally would, I just don't feel like they have been as good and creative as I wanted them to.

It is actually not about the blog, it not why I'm writing this blogpost. Its actually because of me.
Lately I've had a really hard time, I have been hard on myself and everything has been a little hard on me. The past month, April, has been one of the hardest times for me, and I don't really know what it is with me, but I just feel stressed and sad and like I don't have the time, the strength, the energy and the profit to do things. Just getting out of bed and going to school has been hard, and when I got home again all of the energy was taken away. A lot of things has happend in April, as you can see on the polaroids, but it has taken me a lot of work with myself just to get through each of these days.

The blog is a big priority of mine, as it is one of the things i really really like to do, but it is also a priority of mine that I feel happiness and joy while I'm doing it, and don't just do it because I feel like I have to.
And I don't want the blog to become one of those things for me, because I do really love doing it, and while I'm writing this I also want to do it, and tell you this.

So what I'm trying to say is, that I will try to do as much on the blog as possible, because the blog is a big hobby and even a thing I would love to work with someday and become even more into it, but if I'm feeling too down or too out of energy, I will not force myself to do it. I need to take it easy and get completly okay again, and then I'll be back on track!

WhenI started this blog, the idea was to share my inspiration and inspire others. The blog was to keep myself going, and staying in that happy track and tell others about it and that way keep up that good way of living - inspire myself and others. The blog is still about that, so I will do what I have to do to get back up!

Because April has been such a hard month for me, and I haven't really done anything exept for the things I had to and wanted to (see the problem is that I want everything, but haven't had the energy to do it) I can't share an April favourites with you, instead I write you this.

Thank you for all you love and support, always.

Until next time, 


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