Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mothers Day

Today is the Danish "mothers day" (England celebrates it on another date) and I wanted to make a post for my mother.

I wondered how I would do it, and I had lots of ideas - but so little time. I came up with looking through our old photos albums and find photos of me and my mother, and place some of them around the house, to see the difference from then (the photo) and now (the background) like the picture above.

To my mum:
Dear mum, thank you for always helping my and standing by my side no matter what the problem was or how big it is. You always believe in me, and when I think I will fail or something will go wrong, you always talk to me and make me see what could go right. You have a way of making me a better person, a more positive and happy Sofie, when I'm the negative and sad Sofie.
One thing you have taught me is imortant, is to talk. That I always know that I can come to you and seek help, and I can tell you everything. No matter what happended, if it is just how my day went, or about my problems (for example what I talked about in a blogpost last week) you're always there to listen, and I couldn't imagine not telling you something. That is an important thing, and I want to teach my own children to talk, when I become a mother myself one day.
You inspire me, and no one know me better than you.
Thank you for everything, and all the great moments.
Mom, I love you <3


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