Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My favourites from May

When the weather gets better, I spend as much time outside as possible - and so do my favourites now!


Adidas shorts: Juat super easy to throw on and so comfortable! AND you can make them more fashionable if you're going out and still want to be super duper comfortable. Somethign you would like to see?

Leather jacket from Only:
Even though the weather has been really good the last few weeks, I still don't trust it! My leather jacket has been my go to jacket of this month!

Yellow bag from H&M:
Has been a fave! It's the perfect size to have everything you need - it even fits my polaroid camera! It's also just a funny way to add some colour to an outfit! Check out how I styles it HERE

Sandals from Lofina:
Super comfortable and match a lot of things! Been looking for something like this for a few summers now, so I'm so happy 'bout 'em!
Stay around over the summer for a few looks with them *wink wink*

Sunglasses from Primark
It's no secret that I look really stupid with sunglasses.. But these sunglasses from Primark kind of makes it look a little better.. I think?

Dresses: I've been wearing A LOT of dresses in the past few weeks, and they might soon make it to the blog!


Chia seeds: I use them as toppings on eveything, I blend them into my smoothies, I just love them! And they are super healthy for your body - lots of protein!

Pineapple: So refreshing and sweet! Great by itself or in smoothies and huices - even on pizzas!

Me time:

Read - Peter Pan: The original Peter Pan story is amazing! Now I don't know wether the Disney version is my fave anymore after reading this one!? #Struggle

Tv-show - Reign Season 2: It finally made it to the Danish Netflix! I've been loving loving loving it! Can season 3 be here soon please?


Band - Ulige Numre: A danish band, but I've been loving them so much! Their songs "København", "Blå", "Før jeg mødte dig" and "Halvnøgen" have been stuck in my head all month - at the same time! If you're dansih or like danish mucis, it's worth a try!

Playlist - Fearless: Is my own personal "calm down" playlist when I need a little extra power or strength to get through the day or just something a little challenging for me.

Until next time,


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