Sunday, 22 May 2016

Night time

The evenings are probably my favourite time of the day. Night time and the evenings are the ultimate "me time" which are the most important part of the day, and it is super important that you give youself time to be you and do the things you like to do.

In the evenings I make my room a little cozy, by turning on my cute little vintage lamps and my fairylights. This just gives a special feeling to the room.

Having a lot of pillows also makes you bed more inviting and welcoming. I like to do my bed in the mornings so when I get to my room in the evenings, it's just there waiting for me to to have a comfy time.

I jump onto the bed in some home/lounge/comfortable- clothes and grab the book I'm reading or the latest ELLE magazine, and give myself some silence to read, and calm down before it's time to sleep. Sometimes I watch an episode of some serie on Netflix or watch some youtube, it depends on my mood and the day.

Sometimes a cup of tea is nice to calm down with, and get a little warmed up before sleeping. I always have a pair of slippers next to my bed so my feet doesn't get cold while going downstairs.

When I get so calm that I get too tired to continue whatever I'm doing that night, I'll get ready to sleep. Before I sleep I always have some things I do before sleeping (check instagram, ofc.) I always put on some lip balm and hand cream - I hate waking up and feeling dried out!
I also use this oil on my nails, because my nails are really bad. If you don't know about this oil, read about it in my blogpost HERE

I hope you remember to have a little "me"-time sometime during your day. It is really important to look after yourself!

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