Sunday, 29 May 2016

Organizing and planning in stressed times

I'm in the beginning of the exam time - and weirdly enough I don't really have any exams to prepare for ( More about that in a week or so *wink emoji*) but I still have a huge assignment to write this upcoming week, and I have some mock exams, and that can still fill up my little head!

I always keep a notebook in my bag or take it with me eveywhere I go, that way I can always write down if I remember something or suddenly feel stressed (yes that happend), then I can just write it down, and for me it helps that I can look at is and put an x when I've done it. In that way I don't have it in my head to fill up the little space.

I also like to do weekly planners, so I put the most important things on there, and sometimes i beside that I also have a daily planner with the goal I want to achieve that day. In that way I can see exactly what I need to do, and I wont feel like I'm doing nothing in times when it all can be so much that you get nothing done at all.


I recently feel over the Tumblr The Organised Student, and loved the printables on there! They have done planning pretty and a little more fun! You should really check it out! It's a big help for me, and maybe also for you? You can also check THIS  printable out:

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