Monday, 6 June 2016

A little about LIFE and future plans

Today is a monday - why are you uploading, Sofie? Well.. Let me try to explain something for you.

I from today have what we in Denmark would translate to something like "Study break", and it's basically we get time off school to study for our exams. But I'm in that situation where I only have an English and Maths mock exams and my class didn't get any exams other than that, and that doesn't need that much of study as I can bring all my notes and is no need to study it to remember it.

So I thought "This is your time, Sofie" my time to try and be a "full time blogger". All the time I have now I don't need to study more that a few hours the day up to the mock exam (And I already had my English mock exam today) so I challenged myself to try and upload a little something for the next 3 weeks I have off. I'm really excited to see how this goes!

And you may also have noticed the new section on the blog called "LIFE". That is the category on the blog for all the stuff that doesn't really fit into e.g "STYLE" or "FOOD", but I still feel like needed to be posted. It can be everything from a thing happening in my life, to an advice I have for you or something so simple as how I plan and stay organised (Read that HERE) or things like this blogpost go to that section of the blog.

I'm getting really serious with this blog. It's my baby and I do a lot of work for it to be the way it is. You can actually see how much work I put into it, because in 2015 i uploaded 81 posts. And in 2016 by now, this will be my blogpost no. 80! And it is only May! I have so much more time and so many more things planned out to share on the blog.

I hope you're up for my little challenge and my new ideas!

Forever thank you for your support and help.

Until next time,


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