Saturday, 25 June 2016

Healthy snack idea #3 - no cooking edition

I have my "healthy snack" series here on the blog, but I just realized that all the snacks I have done until now, need some kind of cooking or preparing. So I have here collected my 3 favourite snacks, that needs no cooking, but still satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Red grapes! Red grapes are my no. 1 fave. They taste much sweeter that the green ones,and is just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating any chocolate!
You can also put them in the freezer. When the grapes are cold it becomes a totally differnt snack, but still as delicious!

2. Dates! Dates are now one of the things i like he most, I can't even understand how I did not like them at first. Just eat them as they are, they are so sweet and will also give you the amount of sweetness you feel like your sweet tooth needs.
I also like to blend them into smoothies or things I'm baking instead of sugar, because they give so much sweetness to the thing I'm baking.

3. Bananas! The more ripe your banana is, the sweeter it tastes. You will also find banana used together with dates as the sweetener in many of my recipes. Bananas are often also the base of smoothies because of its creamy-ness and sweetness.
You can also cut your banana into small slices ans put peanut butter between two slices, so you create a banana-peanut butter-sandwich. Peanut butter and banana go so well together!

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