Thursday, 30 June 2016

June favourites

June is over and the officially summer holiday has begun. June has been warm and nice and filled with a lot of things. I have collected my favourites from June here:

Red Lips: I don't know what it is, but I have loved a red lip this month, and the Rimmel London Kate Moss in 111 is the perfect red colour. It feels nice on the lips and does not dries your lips out.

The book in this picture is in english called "Wallflower" by Holly-Jane Rahlens. I read this book in two days - and If I had started in the morning and not in the evening I'm pretty sure it would have been done in one day - and I really really enjoyed the story. I loved the story, and I would read it again after reading a little bit about Germanys history - because I suck at it.

If you have read my "Summer trend: New vintage" (read HERE) post, you will know what style I
'm into this summer. But one thing I didn't mention in the post, was the for jewelry I absolutely love pearls. Both as earrings and necklace. Just love.

To keep June organized and non-stressed I loved these printables (see picture) that I talked about in my "How to keep organized in stressed times" Read HERE and I have just loved been able to plan forward like this, mark special days. It's also pretty if you write with coloured marks, and it has been hanging on my wall all month - and I already printed out July and August as well!

I also went to the movies with my mum this month and I saw the one and only, truly amazing movie Me Before You. I loved it so much I dedicated a whole blogpost to it, read HERE.

A little behind the scenes photo of the cover photo. Here you can see my white bomber jacket properly, and I have been wearing that almost evertime I have gone out this month. I just love it. But I won't talk too much about as I have dedicated tomorrows blogpost to it ;) Stay around!

When I have been sat working on my blog - and I have done that a lot this month - I have listened to my summer playlist on spotify. It's just my favourite new tunes, and old tunes, tunes with memories or songs that just reminds me of summer. Have a listen HERE.

And YouTube-wise I have laved Tess Christine. And I cannot tell you have many times I have watched her travel vlogs. I just love her channel and the vibe it has to it. She even brings her New York and Travel-vibe onto her Instagram, and I never want to miss any of her posts.

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