Sunday, 26 June 2016

Running #2 - my tips

My "How to start running" post was quite a success, and I know people have been enjoying it. You can read it HERE.
I thought about it, and decided I would do a little running series here on the blog instead. I'm no professional at running, I have just found what works for me, and simply shares that. No tall of these tips may work out for you, but it is a beginning and you might find your way to do it with a little inspiration from this.

My tips:

  • Not run any longer than your body can do. I run 4 kilometers two times a week. I have found that is the perfect distance for me. My body won't hurt neither will me knee injury.
  • Don't press yourself. I know some people run with time, to see if they improve. I have never done it or tried it out, because that is simply not why I run. I run to do something and move my body. I don't care if I run fast or slow, I'm doing something.
  • Don't ever feel ashamed of running. I used to hate running the 300 meters from my home to the quite road where I run the rest. I hated it. I hated that people could see me, and that also why I prefer running in the forest or on a quite road where there isn't too many people or cars. But I have learned to think: "Let them laugh, no matter how funny I look I will always overtake the people on the couch"
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I cannot tell you how important this is. I had given myself a challenge to run everyday this week (nor 4 kilometers every day, just between 2-3km) and I did it Monday and Tuesday, then I woke up in the middle of the night and was sick Wednesday and Thursday. I listened to my body and didn't force myself to run as I know it would not be good for me. Instead I went for a long walk.Listen to you body and don't force it to do something it can't.
  • When it comes to clothing while running you should always plus 10 more degrees to the actual temperature. That is about how hot it will be feeling to running. Don't overdress in the summer and don't underdress in the winter.
  • Talking of summer and winter. You should not run when it's really hot during the summer. If you still want to run, then at least do it in the beginning of the day (we are talking before 8am) or in the evening (after 8pm). In the winter, just be careful if it's slippery. 
That was just the "basic" rules I follow when I run. I hope some of them helped you out with your running or if you're thinking about starting.

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