Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Saved items

Even though I yesterday uploaded a video to my YouTube channel (Summer haul. find it HERE) saying I had everything I needed for my summer wardrobe I kind of still doesn't think it is complete. But will it ever be that? The truth is I don't need more clothes at all, but I just really want more clothes, but I don't have the money *Sad face*.

But just beause I can't get all my wishes, doesn't mean that you can't wish for something! So I have here collected what's on my wishlist, and then I hope to hear what's on yours!

On Zalando I've found these lovely things (click on the photo for the link to them)

On ASOS i found this, even though I already have a Calvin Klein bra in black, and I never wear hats (but this coukd change, right?)

One thing from Topship, but Oh, aren't they scrumptious?!

And last but least, Zara:

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