Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer holiday essentials

Todya I'm leaving for 5 days away with my boyfriend. I'm excited finally to get away and finally call it "summer holiday". I have been free from school for a month now (I have had tests and assignments to do, just not classes and so) and the weather has been amazing, so I have been looking so much forward to this holiday.

T (aka. my boyfriends nickname, as his name is impossible to pronounce in English) finally finished all his exams, and I finally got all the grades from my tests and assignment - and I could not be any prouder of myself. So now we are finally free, no more visits to the school or anything, we are done with our freshmen year in high school!

So we will celebrate that we are done with exams, tests assignments and freshmen year. We will celebrate us and how we only have grown stronger as a couple and as individuals in this year. We will celebrate the summer and start it the best way possible - together and away from it all.

So this also means that it might get a little harder to get wifi, but I do have a post planned for everyday in this week too. This means my "blogging for every day in 3 weeks" turns into a "blogging for 4 weeks" and I'm so happy about that!

So now we are getting to it: My summer essentials. I thought I would talk a little about the things I always bring with me on holiday - besides clothes and other "personal" things that is obviously to bring.

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My bikini! I always have more than one bikini with me, but what the smart thing about my bikinis is, that I always tend to buy the bottom and the top, so I can match it with other tops and bottoms. The one tou see on the picture here is from just a normal black bikini set, but to make it a little more interesting I bought these rosegold bottoms. Besie that bikini I', also bringing a blue and a pastel green one.

When I'm going away on holiday I'm always out and about to either shop or be a tourist ect. so I always bring some shoes I know I can walk for a long time in without my feet hurting. But I also need some sandals I quickly just can jump into on the way to the store if we run out of milk or just to wear for a quick visit to the beach.

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We all hate mosquitoes, and annoyingly I' their favourite meal out of my whole family (and just everyone I'm together with during the summer) so I always have some salve to spray on to make the itchy feeling a little more bearable.

 Not only are the mosquitoes an enemy, but we also got another we may not think of as one. The sun. he sun is nice and worm, and I love it, but I also need to protect my skin from it. This super smart little sunscrren bottle is from Elizabeth Arden, and is so small it's almost hard to find in your bag - but so good as well.

Suns out, so are my sunnies! These ones are the only pair I have ever found that fits me and does not look stupid on me. They are from primark and so cheap I'm afraid they some day just break on my nose, but for now they are good.

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I also always bring a book with me. It's always nice to have something to read on the train (we are travelling by train) and to read at the beach or the hot summer evenings outside in the little garden with snacks and candles. I'm already in love with this holiday, and as yu are reading this I'm only on the train, ha.

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As well as I'm taking care of my skin in the day time with my sunscreen, I also take care of my skin in the end of the day. This is a cleanser and a cream in the perfect mini travel sizes. I love how smart it is, and I also love the feeling of knowing I still take care of my skin even though I'm away.

My watch is always a stable. When you're away you can quickly forget everything about time and space, and it is just good to still be on planet Earth even though you feel like you are in paradise.

Well guys, thank you so much for reading along these 3 weeks of everyday-blogging. I have really enjoyed it and I hope you have to. As said early I'm adding in another week, so I hope you're ready for that as well. ;)

Until next time, 


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