Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Summer trend: New vintage

One of my favourite summer trends this summer, is actually pretty much my style every summer. But now it has a name and it's fashionable; its name is New Vintage.

New Vintage was started in the fashion world, most likely of Gucci on the catwalk with THIS look. It's funny over the top, and not really anything that have been seen before on the catwalks. It is a huge contrast to the Scandinavian, minimalism trend that has been up the past couple of years.

Definition; New Vintage is your "grandmother gone chick and stylish"-trend. It can be made of all the pieces of clothes you already have, old as new. You can combine everything! Everything, I mean it; glitter and cotton, your grandmothers shoes with a new in pair of jeans or different patterns that only stick together because of one continuous colour. But it is also to take a well known brand and make it into a new style; for example taking your old jeans and making them into shorts with rips (That is what is called Vetements)
To say it short: Only your imagination stops you.

My tips:

  • Look through your grandmothers wardrobe. Maybe she has a maxi-skirt you can cut into a midi- or mini-skirt. She may be having the perfect retro shirt with print.
  • Go to the thrift store, there is gold hidden. Some of my most loved items I've found in thrift/second hand shops. And a huge, giant plus is that it is cheap, so if you end up not wearing it anyway, you did not spend a huge amount of money.
  • Style old with new, to make a fashionable look.

My way to "New Vintage"

I have here made three suggestions to how I would do this New Vintage style. I have mixed colours, new and old and mine and borrowed. And I must say I really like the results to be honest. My style alway tend to be more bohemian and "old fashioned" during the summer time, so I love this trend, even before it was a trend, and I will always love it when it stops being a trend.

Look 1

I love this look, and what I love the most is the shoes. The shoes are borrwed from a friend, but she found them in a thrift store! I love how it's old mixed with new and thrift store vs designer.
Shirt: Bruuns Bazaar
Shorts: H&M Garden collection
Lipstick: Rimmel 111

 Look 2

This is perfect for the bech, and one of my all time go yo ways to style this skirt. It was just a little tiny bit more windy than I thought it would have been.
The skirt is found in Sweden in a Second Hand shop, and again I mix old with new and set high street vs. second hand.
Jumper: Only
Shoes: H&M
Anklet Chains: HERE

Look 3

I found this white shirt in my mothers closet and immediately knew I would love it together with a pleated skirt. To add some colout, you never go wrong with a classic red lip - and trying to rock that scarf-thingy-trend going on?
Skirt: Vero Moda
Shoes: Keds
Bandanna: Flying Tiger Copenhagen
 Lipstick: Rimmel 111


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