Saturday, 18 June 2016

The original "Peter Pan" review

Can you spot the book that is differnt to the others on this end of my bookshelf? That's right it's the Peter Pan one.

I got this book from my best friend as a birthday gift because she knows how much I love the Disney version of this story. So it was really interesting to read the real story that inspired the movie I loved so much as a kid - and still do love.

The book I read was in english, and if you don't have english as your no. 1 language it can be a little hard to read. It's really old, it's from 1911which you can see on the language it is written in. It uses a lot of oldfashioned words, that if you're not english you might not know what means.

The original story compared to the Dinsey version is a little different, but you can still see a lot of similarities. If you want to go to details with the story of Peter Pan you should really read this story, but be aware that the original story has a lot more of a dark vibe to it - at least I feel like that. The Disney version is done more "pretty" and "good story-like".

My favourite character in Peter Pan - if not all Disney characters - is Tinkerbell, and I was really sad that there wasn't more of Tinkerbell in the story. But at the same time you still got some details about the fairies that you don't get in the Disney version.

But to end it all off; I think it's a great book and worth reading if you're intrested in where Disney get their stories from (They never create the stories themselves, they are always inspired by something). Also I found, as a Dane reading this book in English, made my English vocabulary bigger. I got to read some words I had never heard before, as it's from 1911 - crazy right! So even just grab the book as a good thing for your English vocabulary.

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