Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The white bomber

Yesterday in my June Favourites, you saw this bomber, and I would not talk about it, because of this post today, so let's talk about it now:

I had for a long time been missing some sort of white jacket. I have jackets in black, brown, beige, blue, green - but not a single one in white. And I also did not have a bomber. So I just combined the two missings in my wardrobe, so I only missed one thing.

I had decided to buy a white bomber from Zara, but then when I decided to do it a walked into Gina Trocot and tis was on sale, it was the only one left in my size, and I knew it must had been faith. So I bought it and took it home. It was a good decision, because I have been wearing it almost everyday when I have been going out.

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It is so perfect for summer. This one is in a light, almost silky, material. On a hot day, where you don't know if you should bring a jacket or not because of the unpredictable danish weather, you bring this bomber. If it stays hot, you can fold it so it take up no space in you bag. But if the grey skies take over, this jacket will be your best friend.

I have even worn it at home, as a cardigan or whatever. Because it doesn't feel weird, it does not feel like a jacket. You can wear this in all ways possible: With a dress, with a skirt, with shorts, with a top, with a t-shirt, or like I have styled it here.

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Bomber: Gina Tricot
T-shirt: Primark
Jeans: Kappahl
Shoes: Adidas Superstar

I paired the bomber with a simple outfit. It was a little cooler day, with rain and grey skies, so I decided to go for blue jeans. To match the white bomber, I wore my white sneaks I got for my birthday (And haven't stopped wearing since). For the t-shirt i found it a little hard, but I have now learned, that you can wear whatever you want under this bomber. So to keep a little white in the outfit, I took a black cropped t-shirt with white stripes.

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I'm happy I decided to get this, because I already have got so much wear out of it, and I'm sure I will get much more out of it. I can create so many new and interesting outfits ar just add a little something to an outfit with this bomber. It is my new love and baby. Yes, that is how much I love it, haha.

This jacket will by the end of the summer have so many memories, because I will definitely bring it all the places I'm going this summer. I will of course like last summer, add a location pin to my Instagram profile if you want to follow along!

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