Sunday, 17 July 2016

Aboda Klint

In Sweden I got to visit Aboda Klint again. I went there two years ago and remembered it as an hidden magical world. In it for sure is.

You're driving in the Swedish woods up what feels like mountain. If you drive all the way up there is a really cute gift shop and a café. I haven't eaten at the café, but that must be a must-try for the next years adventure in Sweden.
From the café you can go outside to the most amazing view. You can either go for a walk on the "hills"(mountain, for one that live in a flat country like Denmark - like me). If you visit Aboda Klint in the winter it will be possible to rent ski, and go skiing on these hills.
If you're not much of a walker, you can simply just go outside and look over the incredible view, sitting on a bench on the raw cliff. You can see what feels like an infinite wood, you can't see it stop. ANd if you look straight down you will see Aboda Klint lake.

Here is what I see as a magical world. 
You will be able to stay all day if you bring your own food and some blankets. There even is a shelter and a fireplace. Or you can like us just bring your swimwear and bring your lunch and some (lots of) snacks.

But where the magic begins,  is if you begin to go an adventures.
If you find the little path on the left side of the grass area, you follow it.When you get to the road you will hear the sound of a waterfall - and you just follow the sound over on the other side of the road until your reach it. An old bridge, but it's not that. It is where the bridge it placed.
It's placed over the river and over what I - a girl from Denmark that haven't seen places more exotic than this - would call a waterfall.

I can't describe the landscape, I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. But I will say: Go there and feel the feelings I felt - go feel them yourself and you will be filled with joy. I promise.

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