Sunday, 31 July 2016

Blueberry picking

When I was in Sweden in our little summerhouse, the woods around it were literally floating in blueberries. I had freshly picked blueberries on my breakfast every morning while I were there, and I planned to pick so many I could bring them home and freeze them so I always had frozen blueberries to my smoothies (That plan did not succeed as I was too busy being by the lake or reading, oops)

There is not only one problem with picking blueberries, but there is even two problems! - 1, your hands will get lilac and it takes a war to get it of your hands, and 2, you would have way more blueberries if you didn't eat every other you picked - it's a fact.

Another fact; Did you know it is said, that if you eat lots of blueberries you will see better in the dark? Well, keep your eye open anyway, because I will soon be sharing a recipe for blueberries, because I didn't only use it for breakfast!

What I wore:
Leather jacket from Zara
Striped Tee from Only
Jeans from Pieces (originally without rip)
rain boots / wellies from Seeland

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