Sunday, 24 July 2016

Botanical Garden, Copenhagen

On my holiday to Copenhagen I for the first time got to visit the botanical garden. I have no idea why I have never been there, but I do know now that I want to go back all the time. I feel like I didn't even see half of it.

A jungle in the middle of Copenhagen, that is the best way i can describe it. When you first walk into the garden you walk and walk and walk. The beautiful lake in the middle is filled with life; turtles, ducks and waterlilies. And that is when you see it  the giant green house, and you fight your way through the jungle to get to it. It looks like this:

The ducks in the little pond with the waterlilies welcome you as the first thing when you reach the area in front of the green house.

And then you finally get to it. You are overwhelmed with how big it is, because it looked so small from distance. And you begin to walk up these steps to the green house, and you wonder how fit all the people working there must be because the stair is in itself a leg workout.

You walk in, and the heat from the tropical air is like getting hit in the face. You seriously walk from the cold Copenhagen city air, into a jungle that could be placed somewhere in Asia or Africa. It feels so exotic and not at all like Denmark.

No matter where you look you will see new things. I'm pretty sure you have to either work there every day or visit a billion of times before you have seen all of it. Life is everywhere around you. Beautiful and exotic flowers everywhere and you want to touch the and put them in your hair, but you don't in fear of ruin this beautiful secret world in the middle of a buzzing city filled with traffic and noise.

It's its own little world, and you can't get tired of visiting. I'm beginning to think about what it would look and feel like with snow in the garden and around the green house...

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