Monday, 25 July 2016

Greasy Spoon Diner

I went to the center of Copenhagen alone one day I was staying on Amager (part of Copenhagen) to catch up with an old friend. We were going to grab some dinner and she brought me to this little cute diner: Greasy Spoon. It was like America in the middle of Copenhagen! I was so overwhelmed when I walked in. I immediately regretted I didn't wear my 60's polka dot dress and a red lip.

The look and the style was completed totally and I felt like I was on a diner in Amerca (even though I have never been on one of these either, shh). But what about the food? I went for the Club Sandwhich and some fries. The sandwhich was so good and even though it looked huge when it arrived I ended up eating the whole thing! And the fries is completely homemade ans was so so so good!

The milkshake was just... I can't even tell you. I have never seen or tasted anything like that in my life. We went for two different ones and just shared them so we could taste as much as possible off the menu.

If you're in Copenhagen and isn't all about the Danish food: go to Greasy Spoon Diner

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