Saturday, 30 July 2016

Letters to July

Exactly one year ago I wrote  letter to July, inspired by a YouTuber who did this throught the whole month of July. You can read my old one HERE, and you can keep on reading to know how things have changed since the last letter to July.

Dear July,

It's been exactly one year since I last spoke to you. You're nearly over now, and just like last year I'm scared of you leaving, and at the same time I can't wait till I see your sibling, August. This year I'm not nervous of going back to school like last year. This year I'm just so happy while you're here that I'm scared if you leave my happiness will leave too.

But I wont let it leave. My happiness. No matter how hard and stressed August (and the rest of your siblings) will be to me. I'm not alone this year. To be honest I wasn't alone at all last,but I felt lonely. But now there is finally a balance in my life again with friends I know I can trust.

You, July. You are more like yourself this year. Last year you were grey and cold and didn't leave a sign on my skin that you where there. This year you have been warm and filled with colours like yellow and orange. You have kissed my skin and maked sure that August knows how he needs to treat me. I'm vulnerable, and you and all your siblings know that. You have been kind and familiar. I hope August welcomes me just as good as you will leave me.

Last year I experienced you tore myself away from me. I was left alone and confused in a body, without knowing who I was anymore. Now you have putted it all back in me, and I know who I am. I am me. I'm not a constant, I'm changing all the time, but I always stay true to myself. I'm not lost, I am me.

Four weeks is still all you are, but these four weeks you have been like you were in my childhood. Long, warm and without worries. Now there is only one day left of you, but I will make sure that it will be worth it, and I am sure that when August takes over, I am ready to leave the infinite feeling of the four weeks of July.

Thank you for this year, July I can't way to see you again. You and all your "no worries"

Until next time,


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