Friday, 1 July 2016

Postcard from Copenhagen

Dear You,

Copenhagen (Or København in danish) so far is amazing. We are staying in a cute little summerhouse on Amager - we are myself and Troels, my boyfriend. The house is close to the water, and we can anytime go swimming if we want to. It's funny how Copenhagen also can be this quiet. The only sound you can hear is the airplanes from Copenhagen airport. All the planes flying over Amager is not even bad, it only makes me look up, being happy for those going away on holiday and remember last summer when I went flying the first time myself.

Monday, the first day we stayed and the day we arrived we were really tired as we left home at 4am and arrived at 7am. We slept a lot, but also got ourselves comfortable in the little house and unpacked our stuff. We went to the water and went swimming in the evening, it was cold, but it woke us up. We made a cup of tea, talked and ate cookies and were exciting for the next days adventures.

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Tuesday was amazing. Again we were up early to have breakfast in Copenhagen - early bird, gets the worm, right? It was a cute little place, and it is definitely not the last time I'll visit for their amazing breakfast and ice coffees.
We then went to botanical garden, it was my first time ever and it was pure magic. A jungle in the middle of a city. Could walk around for hours looking at all that life in the green house.
Sandwich for lunch, and oh my what a great sandwich. I would never have thought about mixing avocado and pesto, but now I don't know why it's not really a thing?! - Or am I just behind?

Shopping was also a thing Tuesday afternoon, and Troels definitely got tired of me, but I bought some really great pieces and cannot wait to wear them in Sweden on my next stop this summer.
Next up were the photo exhibition by Mario Testino, and I love his way of capturing people!
After the exhibition we were starving and walked to our usual dinner-spot. We sat the exact same table as every year, and had an amazing an cheap dinner and left Copenhagen with full bellies and a happy heart. That is what Copenhagen does to you.

I don't know where all the days went, but suddenly it was Friday and we had to go home. Work was calling in the weekend. But we are not unpacking yet, because our next stop is Sweden!

If you have the chance, stop by Copenhagen! And maybe use some of the recommendations that will be coming to the blog in August/September!

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