Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer Sleep

Remember what I said in my blogpost about New Vintage? Well, I said you should go looking in your granmothers wardrobe, because you would definitely find something you could make cool. Just like the summer trend is about: Make something old, new and cool.

I followed my own advie and went looking in my grandmothers closet and found this beautiful white night-gown. It's perfect for the summer time - and it even has such a cute little vest t put on top.

Imagine waking up by the light from the window and hearing the waves from the sea, making it out of bed and put on the vest. You make a cup of coffee and sit and drink it outside in the morning sunshine. That scenario was basically my morning in Copenhagen in our little summerhouse. It was just too charming and old and feminine and elegant - it's so many things okay. I just could not share it.

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