Saturday, 2 July 2016

Summertime Sadness

Things are going well. My blog is growing for everyday, and this is what I have only been able to dream about happening in front of me.

As you may know by now, the reason for my high activity on the blog is due to no school. Soon that fun will be over. It will be replaced by other fun, but it might turn out the blog will be a little more silent in 1-2 weeks. I'm really sad about this -

I'm going on holiday. I know, this may not seem so sad, and it is not sad at all. I'm going to Sweden, and all of my best childhood memories come from my summers in Sweden.
But as I have gotten older it has been harder and harder to be without wifi or any other type of internet for 1-2 weeks every summer. Especially now when my blog is doing so well.

I'm fearing I will come home and have lost tons of followers, views ect. I can always build it up again, but this 3(-4) weeks of me being so active has really been hard work. I have loved it. I have loved to built it all up completely by myself.

I will hopefully get to shoot some great pictures, get some inspiration and good ideas in Sweden. I know I will. So I have a lot planned  out already, so I can be working on some photos while I'm away, so I don't feel like I'm leaving the blog.

I will have posts ready, so I 2-3 times a week can borrow the computer at the library in the little town I'm staying. But it already hurts my little blogger-heart, knowing all my hard work wont be seen immediately or the views keeps growing. I don't eve have a change to update my Instagram. I know my views will fall a lot these weeks, sadly.

As much as I love summer - and I love summer and my holidays a ton! - I also kind of hate how much the holidays affect all my hard work. I'm having so many amazing opportunities and secret things going on with brands at home and I'm really scared that the silence on my blog and in my e-mails will make them regret the partnership we have built the past couple of weeks.

But that being said, I can (hopefully) promise you some great photos and future blogposts. Already have a lot of things planned to do while I'm away, so the blogposts of August/September will be the bomb.

It is with mixed feeling I'm leaving Denmark today. But I do hope you will stay around while I'm away, I will still post, just not as much. And I hope you have an amazing holiday and summer as well.
Bye my lovelies, thank you for always letting me share my thoughts.

Until next time, hopefully sooner than planned


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