Wednesday, 13 July 2016

While I've been away...

 Last night I got home after 10 days in our little summerhouse in the Swedish woods. As I talked about in my Summertime Sadness blogpost, I knew it would mean that I could not post as much as I had done the previously four weeks with a blogpost every single day. Because we don't have wifi in Sweden it was a little hard to even update you via my most used social media platform, Instagram.

But I did get to upload a few blogposts. And now that I'm home and actually can see what is going on here, I thought I would do a little self promotion.

Did you catch my Copenhagen Photo Diary? It's all my photos from Copenhagen that wont be made into a blogpost. And I have more than 10 blogpost to write from Copenhagen - so this isn't the last you have heard from my 5 days in Copenhagen!

Woman Crush Wednesday I did for the first time on the blog this Wednesday. I talked about Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl which made me think a lot about a hell lot of things. But read that post to get a sight into my thoughts about it.

Food has been a huge part of the past two weeks, and I will have more posts about that soon. But I also tried out a ice coffee myself, and you can get the recipe HERE.

And last but not least, my Instagram. I used that the most, and all my photos turned out this beautiful green colour. As I wrote to one of my photos: Everything is green in Sweden. Check my photos out HERE


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