Saturday, 13 August 2016

Back to school part 2

Another back to school post is here! I hope you have been shopping away with the 20% discount code to Coconut Lane from my last back to school post. If not, you should check it out HERE!

Beside the notebooks and phonecases I showed you in the last post in this series, I thought I would show you what else I have bought to get started with school again in the best was possible.

I've bought things for my pencil case, because this is always a mess, so now I finally thought I would clear it out and start again. When I went to our local book-and-other-hobby-and-school-and-creativity-store called "Bog og ide" (Book and idea, translated) I fell for this gold collection they had going on.
The pencils and ruber is from Royal Stationery, but I wasn't able to find a website when I got home. But I'm super happy with my new gold pencils, and they will make writing notes a little more glamorous. And they will look super cure in my elephant pencil case. I've had this case for so many years now and I still get comments on it.

The golden notebook was lying with the other gold stationary in the store, but is from a different brand called Daycraft. You could get this in cobber and silver as well, but I just fell for the gold. It's with lines so it would work for school, but to be honest I think it is too pretty for that, so I'll have to figure out what I will use it for, but I just knew I couldn't let it be there in the store.
At the moment is super pretty on my bedside table, and whenever I get an idea when I'm just about to sleep, I'll grab it and write it down, so I don't forget it in the morning.

Another thing I just want to mention is the "separators" for your breifcase/folder/ect. These are so handy and makes it so much more easier to navigate around in your notes and papers for each subject. This with Winnie The Pooh was on sale from last year for 10DKK (like 1 pound) and I could not resist. I don't know which subject is worthy enough for Winnie The Pooh, but I know my notes will be a little cuter to look at now.

And last but not least, I think it is so worth it to invest in a good backpack for school, and not have a little handbag where you barely can fit you books in. I bought my backpack from Eastpack last year, and I'm still going strong with it. It's perfect because I can fit my computer, books, folders, lunch box, water bottle and anything else I need.

Good luck on starting school,

Until next time,
x Sofie


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