Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Blending in

Finally I can share these photos with you. I think this might have been my favourite shoot I have ever done. It not because there is anything special about it, I just think my boyfriend (that has no experience in photography, except from what I say he should take of me for the blog) did a really good job on these.

I loved the atmosphere in Botanical Garden in Copenhagen (wrote about it HERE) and especially inside the greenhouse, with the small paths around the greenhouse and the plants everwhere you go.
I did dress up for it, because I thought it would be fun to have some photos of me "blending in" or "matching" the surroundings of a shoot. So I did wear it, and after a month I finally knew what to call it and my thought finally came into the words I'm sharing now:

So I did this shoot, but never really knew what to use it for. Until know.

I have been back in school for less than a week, and I'm already sick of it. It's not actually the school, the teachers, my classmates or the subjects this year. It's not really school to be honest, but it's more the surroundings. 
My school is not ugly at all, it's a really nice study area, and it's white and open, yet with art around the school. It not so much that, there is bothering me. It's the style and the colours - not of the school, but of the people.

I don't want to sound mean or anything, I'm just finally sharing my thoughts. The whole of last year I struggled with staying myself, and not just go with the flow. And that is another story I already told HERE. But coming back from a summer where I've been colourful and myself and dressed after the weather and how happy I've been - which means and explosion of colours in every outfit (You have already seen some on here), then it was hard to come back to reality.
Reality on my school is: black, white and grey. Maybe a little bit of navy-blue if you're ready. But to me everyone looks the same.

I think it is sad. Maybe you just really like this minimalistic style, and that is completely okay! I wear these outfit myself, because they are simple and just putted together from basic items. So easy on a schools-morning. And the minimalistic style is very popular at the moment, we see it all over the social medias. It is not so much that either.

I wore this outfit too school once, and all I got was strange looks. I was the girl who wore a sunflower-shirt (and cropped, gasp!) to school. I don't know what they thought, maybe they thought: "What a werdio, she doesn't blend in" or maybe they thought: "Wow, she is strong, she refuse to just follow the flow".  I hope for the last thought, and that is also what I think myself too.

It should be okay to wear whatever you like, even if it has sunflowers on it and it's cropped. That is what annoys me: that you can't wear whatever you like that is not black, grey or white without getting strange looks.

What I wore:

Sunflower shirt from American Apparel
Denim skirt from Zara
White tsneakers from Adidas (superstar)

I just think, if I got these looks because I wore this, then there is probably a lot of girls scared to wear whatever they want to, because they would get these looks. And even though I don't care, I still care because I've been holding this thought in since the day last year when I wore this. What if a lot of other girls want to wear other stuff than black and white? What if they just don't feel strong enough?

I just hope that you know, that if you like it you should wear it, quoting the sign-thingy on insta. And I just hope you know, that you can wear whatever you want to. And I just hope you know, you look absolutely sext, cute, smart, stylish and whatever, in whatever you would like. Because that is you, and you've got your own style, and you don't have to follow or belnd in.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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