Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Breakfast in Copenhagen: GRØD

When I was in Copenhagen I visited one out of the four GRØD cafés there is. And oh my... Breakfast is taken to a whole new level at GRØD.

To visit and eat at GRØD has been a thing I just wanted to when I got to Copenhagen, and a dream would be to sit at the window spot - lucky for me it was a quiet Tuesday morning with sunshine, so people was sitting outside. And I got my spot.

From the outside you would not have guessed it was GRØD. Because the sign is only a little sticker on the window, and the window is covered in a huge green plant. Which makes "my" window spot even prettier to be sitting at, and it makes it even nicer to sit outside.

We visited the GRØD in Guldbergsgade, and it is a cozy place with the perfect line between modern, handmade, raw and old. The window-spot is in marble, the rest of the table is wodden, and the huge blackboard with the menu written on it. And you can even buy some of their product at the wodden and raw shelfs that have this homemade cozy feeling. And the cherry on top is the old "we are open"-sign in the door.

GRØD was started by a man, who wanted to show that porridge and breakfast didn't have to be boring, and you can make it delicious and good looking. And since that the café has grown into four little cafés and you can now get your porridge and breakfast all day around AND there is also a lunch and dinner version of the menu. It's crazy and I want to stay there all day and have all of their food.

Bring your food with you or stay. It would almost be a shame not to sit and enjoy the cozy little place, and a plus if you stay you can use their free wifi and post pictures of your Instagram-wothy food you're eating.

If you didn't get enough of the food you ordered you can always buy GRØD's own oats and their cookbook and try out their recipes at home. 

Behind the payment point you can see the kitchen, and I just love how cozy and "like at home" that feels like. On a hungry morning you order, and then you can smell your food coming alive behind the little wall.

I ordered a Chia Acai bowl with toppings and a matcha-latte (I had to see what the hype is about and I still don't get it) and T ordered Icelandic yoghurt with toppings and an ice coffee (I drank half of it because it was so fricking good, still dreaming about it) and when it arrived I was so overwhelmed with how good it looked served in a huge jar.

I can hand on my heart say it won't be the last time I'm visiting GRØD. I want to try all of their breakfasts, lunches and dinners. And when it's christmas they serve Risengrød that is a christmas/winter porridge we love in Denmark. It's like sweets so good it is!

Ah, I'm dreaming about this. And you will be too if you visit. If you're going to Copenhagen it is definitely worth a visit - and a visit you won't regret, a visit that makes you come back. Trust me.

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