Friday, 5 August 2016

Coconut Lane: Discount code and back to school part 1

All the exciting things I've been talking about, but never really introduced starts now!
The first thing, that I'm so happy about, is that I'm now a Coconut Queen Ambassador.

I'm now working together with Coconut Lane! A brand I've been loving a lot recently, and I'm loving my products from them even more.
Coconut Lane is a brand who brings you chic homewear and cute accessories. As said on their website: "Our products are created for the dreamers of the world - for those who dare to believe and then make it happen. With this ethos at the heart of all our products, we aim to inspire and motivate, turning dreams into reality"

I love this description of their products. It reminds me of myself; I dared to dream about a blog, I believed I could make on - and then I did. One and a half year later I'm now working with a brand that represents this.

I teamed up with Coconut Lane and have set up a discount code for you! If you use the code SS20 at checkout at you will receive a 20% off your order - and trust me you need it, because you want to buy all of their stuff!

So before going to their website to shop, let me show you some of their products, and how I will use this for myself when I'm going back to school next week.

I bought 3 notebooks I absolutely fell in love with. If you know me right, you will know I have notebooks lying around everywhere; in my bags, on my desk, by my bed, one downstairs ect. (and believe me when I'm moving out I'll probably have one in my car and one in every room of my flat)

But if you look at notebooks with school eyes (Ew,) they are also great for taking notes. And for me, having a pretty notebook, makes it a little more funny to write down what the teacher says in the class, and a little more funny to take notes to what you're reading for homework.

The one with the cameras I will use as my blogging-book, I already planned this blogpost and a few others in it. And I thought it was perfect for me with the cute little cameras on it!

If you say you don't use your phone a lot, you're lying. You use it all the time and for everthing. For me I also needs a calendar, and even though I love my calendar where I write - pen to paper, I must admit I never bring it anywhere. So before my plans make it to the paper version of my calendar, I always write them into my phone - because I always have it by hand.
I write in everything from personal plans, to homework I have to remember and all my assignments and when they need to be done.

So why don't make your phone AND calendar a little more pretty? Coconut Lane has a ocean of different phone cases. And what can I say? I love gold and I love holographic, so I had to go for these two.

Notebooks and phone cases isn't the only thing Coconut Lane sells. You can find everything from pillows to sunglasses and stickers and jewelry. And why not buy cute stickers to decorate you school books to be more intresting? Or what about a new pair of sunglasses and jewelry for the first day of school, and then getting home to a room with new pillows?

Whatever you need, you can find it on Coconut Lane with the discount code SS20.

Stay around for even more back to school advice next week, but until then, go shop with 20% off at Coconut Lane!

Until next time,
 x Sofie

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