Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fall playlist ft. Understated Music

Fall (Autumn) is right around the corner. Leaves change colours and fall of the trees leaving a naked landscape behind. The wind goes from warm and familiar, to cold and fresh. Whenever you breathe out in the morning mist, you will see your breath in form af a little white cloud.

Fall brings a special feeling with it. That both my friend Amy and I agree on.
Amy is my friend of many years, and even though we live on different sides of the globe and have fall at two different times of the year, that didn't stop us from collaborate.

Amy runs the music blog Understated Music where she write about all the great music we tense to forget, or interview a local Australian band while they tour around Australia. She brings those artist onto the rest of the world, and let people (like me) who don't know a lot of music, discover artists and bands before they are all over the world.

Whenever I need new music to listen to I always turn to Amy. So of course you should get a little of her expertise, and togethr we created the most bomb playlist for fall. And we will keep updating it so it's always ready with the best songs!

Go have a listen to the playlist on Spotify RIGHT HERE or take a look on Amys amazing blog HERE

Until next time, enjoy some great music!
x Sofie & Amy

P.S photo from an unreleased lookbook from last Autumn...

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