Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Fears for the future

Hi my lovelies!

Again, thank you so much for reading along. Right now as I'm writing this it's 11pm on a Sunday and I start school on Wednesday (tomorrow, when this blogpost goes live). I'm actually excited to get back and into a normal rhythm again and get the social life back you have on an everyday basis in high school.

What I'm not excited about is that everyone says that the second year n high school is the hardest out of the three years the Danish high school is. I'm so scared what this will mean for my life. There is so many things I want to do, that has been possible to do now that I've had two months off with time to what I want.

These two months has resulted in a grownth of my blog that I'm so proud of. My blog is my baby and I love it more and more for each day. I'm so scared that  can't take care of my baby as much as I've done these two months. This is my space for my creativity and thoughts.

Not only am I scared for my blog, I'm scared of my life will get effected. I want to be able to see my bofriend, while still having time for my friends and family.  want to have time to speak with my friends in Australia even though the timezones suck. I want to have time to pant and draw and be me. I have two works now I need to do as well. I want to stay fitan healthy and a least run two times a week. I want to have time to go to parties with my friends.  want to read at least one book each month. AND I want good grades - but I also need sleep.

With all of this it seems like I don't eve have time to shower, eat and sleep. Maybe I'm stressing myself and judging school before I know of it. I'm just scared.
The last couple of days I'm just doing all of the things I love while I have time; playing The Sims, reading, watching Netflix and YouTube, baking, painting, drawing, blogging, photographing ect.

No matter what, this isn't the last you have seen of me or Somewhere Scandinavian. Again, thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

Until next time,
x Sofie

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