Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Life lately #2 over the summer

 My life at the moment is pretty much summed up in this picture. My summer has been amazing; filled with joy, laugh and adventures. What else is there to say, do I need to take this blogpost then. Could I not just write these two lines in an Instagram post?
Well, I could. But I think that stuff like this is needed to be talked about. We should not be shy.

Back in May I finally opened up here on the blog. I told you how I felt and how I had felt behind the cover of happy blogposts that had been one thing that just was as it used to be. My head was a mess and everything around me was a mess, but you can read all about that in the first Life Lately post i did here.
And as if that wasn't enough, I dropped another bomb about how I had felt the whole first year of my high school life (two to go now!) you can read that here. I told the truth about how I had felt, in a fear of some people from my school and classes would read it and feel something bad towards me.

I did it anyway. Because - now back to the beginning - we should talk about how we feel, about all the good stuff and all the bad stuff. Before I told you this I had not really shared something too personal, but then when I felt bad, I felt like lying if I posted something too happy. This blog is about a lot of things, but most of all it is run by e, and I want it to be true and trustworthy to people who read it.

I have putted myself out there, as a public person, because I write and run a blog. And I feel like, that even just the small amount of people who follow me, should know that this is a place for honesty and friendship - don't be shy. When I felt bad I went to talked to someone about it and it helped. I'm not just here to talk about fashion trends and instagram-worthy food (coming tomorrow!) I'm also here as you friend and as a person who is not afraid to speak up. I will speak up for you guys, even just the small amount of people we were before the summer, and the small (a little bigger small) amount of people we are now after the summer.

Over the summer I have been happy, but you should not forget how you got to your happy place. Thank all the people you met on the way. Even if they were the bad people, they still helped you to go in another direction.
I try to remember that, when i go back to school in a week, and I'm seeing the people I talked about in "My frehsmen year - what I've learned"-blogpost, Because I did not feel welcomed and in, the first time. But that "feeling down and out"-feeling have been a part of my journey towards being me. And being me is the only thing I have been all summer. And it feels so nice. So even though I'm scared to death about going back to school and losing my happy me,  yet, I have never been more ready - but more about that in a weeks time or so... ;)

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