Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lunch in Copenhagen: 42RAW

In the center of Copenhagen is a very popular little café. It is called 42RAW. They have a few other places as well, but this one is the most visited due to how close it is to Strøget (the Danish Oxford Street basically).

It's a small place, and it's very busy if you visit in the lunch time around 11.30 am until around 1.30pm. So I was so lucky to get the window spot (Yes, I have a thing with window seats). I really liked the window spot here, because we visited at 12 and it was sooo busy that there wasn't room enough for everyone. In the little winow seat you are more away from all the people.

Let's just get all the bad things out. There is so much noise, mostly because of the popularity, but also just the music. 42RAW is raw food with mostly organic ingridents, and the music they play doesn't really fit the atmosphere they want to create. And the music is waaaay to loud. You cannot have a quiet conversation, you feel like you have to talk on a very high note to hear each other.

The people working there is very nice, but they seem a little confused. We got asked about food that wasn't ours twice. I think they feel stressed, maybe due to the music, they can't hear what they are thinking or hear each other and talk to each other on a normal level.

But what it's all about: Food. And oh my, they know how to do that! We got two different kinds of avocado sandwishes, and they were so delicious. On the side I got their stocholm juice (without chili) which was nice and refreshing.
In general I would love to try everything on their menu. I would just choose another one of their stores, because this one was busy and crowded. This one was placed perfectly for the activities we had planned that day, so it get's 10 out of 10 on location.

I would love love love to try out their  chia or granola bowl for breakfast! And i would love even more to try out their brinch (This one was very popular, and people got it for lunch as well)¨.
They had a raw lasagna, which I thought sounded very interesting, so I'm defintely coming back for that one too... Hmm.. Now to choosing a juice, smoothie or their pretty coffee?

With all that being said, I do think their are worth a visit if you're in Copenhagen (duh, or I wouldn't have done this post), they have the perfect location on Pilestræde if you are on a shopping day. If you are jsut heading out for lunch, try some of their other places for a little more quite and calm experience.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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