Thursday, 4 August 2016

Spontaneous sunset

As some of you may know, I always travel to Sejerø when we have holidays. Sejerø is a small danish island where all of my family lives and we always go there to visit.

Sejerø is so beautiful during the summer, and a lot of turist go there. They are either Danes coming with the ferry, or people from all around the world sailing to the little harbor with their families. As boring I think Sejerø is in the winter, where you can't go swimming at the beach or the sky sin't blue and the fields isn't golden from the harvest (and the "summer party" twice a week ends) as much life, different cultures and languages is there during the summer.

Let me tell you this; Sejerø know how to sunset. You go to the lighthouse (Gniben Fyr) that is the most northern point on the islnad, and you have the best view to the sunset.
The skies had been grey during the day, and when the sun were about to set and it cleared up, we ran to the car to get to the sunset in time - and we did.

When we go there, the blogger in me took over. I had to get some shots in this light. So in clothing where you can see my bra and I'm barefeet - I figured it was better than my gandma's red crocks I that was the closest shoes to me when I grabbed my camera and ran to the car - and there is not glamour or glitter over it, it's just me with messy hair and a happy look in my eyes - because it isn't every day you see a sunset like this!

What I wore (when I spontaneously ran to the car to catch a sunset):
Bralette from Brandy Melville
Jazzy pants from Saint Tropez
Necklace was a gift from my parents at my konfirmation

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