Monday, 29 August 2016

The little bag

I've been to school for some time no, about a month and you always find out that you need something and you don't have it. Example: You're really pissed of by your hair but don't have a hair tie or you broke a nail and don't have a nailfile.. That's why I have my little "Life saver" in my bag.

My life saver is a little holographic purse from H&M, in which I have all the things I need at the weirdest moments.
I have:
Burt's bees lipbalm
Mentos gum
Plasir handcream
Grape sugar (really good to take one when you're head is feeling like exploading)
Pain killers (In case the grape sugar don't work on that headache)
Tanya Burr Nailfile
Hair tie
Nail oil (When you're just sitting in class you can always be nice to your nails!)

Of course I match my holographic purse with a holographic phone case from Coconut Lnae! You can get 20% off at Coconut Lane with the code SS20!

Until next time
x Sofie

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