Sunday, 7 August 2016

Vegetarian Weekend

My friend and I had agreed on trying out different lifestyles, so last week from Thuersday until Sunday we were vegetarians.
I was actually surprised with how easy it was, and many of these things I eat even though I am not a vegetarian. The hardest part was, when we were having squash filled with tomatoes and pebbers and cheese with rice, and the rest of the family was having the best lasagna in the world. But we did it and got though the weekend clean (from meat)

Breakfast ideas:

I literally had skyr (also known as Icelandic yoghurt) the whole week topped with berries and fruit and a cup of tea. But you could also make porridge, eggs or try out the Avocado egg, that is so famous on Instagram, see what I mean here

Lunch ideas:

The first lunch we made a couscous salad. It was couscous mixed with spinach, tomatoes, red pebber, cuecumber, and lemon juice. And as we are Danes we need our rugbrød (Ryebread) and normally I would eat like some meat like salmon or tuna (okay, I like fish a lot) but as a vegetarian I just added my other favourite toppings one ryebread that didn't feture meat; avocado with salt and pebber and a potato on ryebread topped with mayo and what we in Denmark call "ristede løg" (I googled it and it is translated to: roasted onions, but it is not exactæy what it is) and salt. And then of course a lot of vegetables on the side.

Dinner ideas:

The first day we tried with a squash stuffed with tomatoes, red pebbers and cheese and then rice on the side. It was good, but I would do something the next time to make the rice a little more interesting. Vegetarian pizza is not as hard as yo think! We made a potato pizza (We are Danes, we love potatoes) that is just thin slices of potatoes with either mozzarella-cheese or goat-cheese on top! And last but not leasT, a pizza topped with tomtaosauce, mozzarella-cheese red pebbers and spinach and it was really good.

And after our weekend I now know, that I won't be vegetarian, but simply just cut down on meat. The meat I mostly eat is fish, and if you can say so that is the "good meat". But I do think you should try it out, because it is not as big as a change as I thought it would be.

Until next time,
x Sofie

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