Friday, 2 September 2016

August faves

Another month of 2016 has comet o an end, and we are now in September which makes us to be officially in the Autumn months.
August has felt so endless, so that we are (finally) in September seems like a totally surprise. And because August were endless, I have a lot of things I have loved, and they all seemed to match each other - so how perfect was that?!

Read on!

My love for make-up comes and goes, and this month I have loved it, and if I could be a better morning-person I'm sure I would have done it every morning (and I'm not, so my time is mostly prioritized for breakfast and a bomb outfit).
But if I wanted a quick makeup I have gone for the winged eyeliner with masterprecise from Maybelline, and the MasterpieceMAX from MaxFactor gives me such a "soft" look and glides on so perfect to my lashes and is so easy to remove when I get home from school and work and I am so tired.
And the best buy this month must for sure be another one of the NYX matte lip creams in the colour "London" and og my, I love this so so much. It's the perfect "your lips but better"-colour and when it begins to fade you can't see it which doesn't make you afraid to eat or worry about reapplying.

A year ago or so I bought this necklace from Pernille Cordyn (danosh jewelry designer) and used it every day. A year later I have finally found it again in the mess of a jewelry box of mine, and I love it again! You can see me wearing it in this blogpost.

If you know me, you know I love my notebooks. And I've been totally obsessed with it. It's so pretty just to have in your handbag and take up to write an idea down. You can read more about all my gold stationary here.

This months (which would be August) cover of the Danish ELLE has been a thing I've looked at every day, it's been laying on my bedside table even though I read it in the beginning of the month, but the photographer in me is so in love with the colour and setting!

On my nails I've had the "in stitches" colour from Essie which is my all time favourite nailpolish colour. I even wrote a complete blogpost named after it. In Stiches is to be read here.

The watch was inherited from my great grandmother and this month I finally got my ass out the door and down to the city to get it working again - the best decision over as I now is not so needy of my phone to have it "just in case I need to see the time" and it is so beautiful as a jewelry and I've worn it ever since.

The sunflowers was a gift from my mom as she thought I have had a pretty tough month - and so do I think myself, so it was nice to get a little "you did it!" gift.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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