Sunday, 18 September 2016

Brands, image, price and quality...

This scarf is my newest bargain if I should say so myself, but oh well, a fight I had in my thoughts if I should buy it. The scarf is from H&M and it is pure whool and it is one of their "exclusive Quality" products. The problem for me was the price;
I work at H&M and I'm still so new that I have not got the discount card for people who work in H&M. That was the reason I didn't want to buy it; because I didn't get my % off.

I have wanted a grey scarf since last winter - I just think grey is such a nice neutral colour that goes with every outfit, plus it is a little more colour than black, and less bright than white.
So I started looking online for other grey scarfs and fell over a grey one from Tommy Hilfiger on Zalando (here). And the best part was that it was cheaper than the one from H&M now I could not get the discount!

But something made me stop and not by it. Because I wanted the scarf from H&M and to be honest I was only bying the Hilfiger one because of the brand, and it would look better to feture in a blogpost if it would say "Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger" and not "Scarf: H&M"

That made me think a lot; was I really willing to buy a scarf I didn't like as much as the one I really wanted, just because of a brand? And what people would think of me?
The scarf from H&M is better quality than the one from Tommy Hilfiger (-or it depends on what you're going for in a scarf) and it is longer and bigger than the one from Hilfiger as well. Which means I could use it as a blanket when I'm in class during the winter (My school is terribly cold during the winter, and no matter how much clothes you're wearing it is never enough)

I was so disgusted by myself, which is stupid as it was no change of my style or anything big at all, but I was still shocked, that I would even think of doing something like that only for what it would look like on the outside, and not if I liked it with all my heart.

My sweet colleague asked she should by it for me with her workers discount and I just could pay her back, of course I said yes (and I got the H&M scarf for less than the Hilfiger one) and I wos one happy girl. But the truth is I probably would have bought the scarf witout the discount anyway, when I realized that I wanted this the most, that the brand did not matter, and the quality of H&M is better than Hilfiger. The price was the only problem, but to be hones I don't think you should buy something, just to buy something.

Remember to be true to your own style, no matter what other says and other wears. No matter what brand looks betteron the outside, you should never buy or wear something you don't truely love. Stay true to yourself. (And do what you bank account allows you..!)

What I'm wearing:
Scarf: H&M ( and it looks GOOD!)
Dress: Mads Nørgaard
Shoes: Ellos

Until next time,
x Sofie

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