Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dinner in Copenhagen: Spicey Kitchen

Today remarks the day of when my boyfriend and I, have been together for 2 years and 9 months - that's a long time!
So  though it would be the perfect day for ending my "Where to eat in Copenhagen" series. I'm ending it with our own little secret, that I want to share with you; the place we always eat dinner when we are in Copenhagen.

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The place is called Spicey Kitchen Café and you can find it on the address Torvegade 56, 1400 København K. And you find the best. spicey dinner - and cheap - here.
T invited me out to the place for the first time one year ago. His mother and father used to eat here when they were young and lived in a little flat in Copenhagen. There is such an romantic story and vibe when they told us about their dinners at Spicey Kitchen. They always sat at the same table.

We followed in their footsteps, and got our own table, and now we sit there every time we visit.
When you look at it from the outside it's to be honest a reeally ugly resturant. I would never have gone in their if it wasn't for the stories about T's parents and how great the food were. When you walk in it's a small place and to be fair; the furniture could use a make-over. 

But then there is this vibe, and the people working thee is so nice, and loved our story for coming there and why we dressed up in dress, lipstick and T with a bowtie he borrowed from my dad. And when our drink came - oh my - I was in love with this place and agreed that this was OUR place now. And if you go here, you have to taste their Mango lissa drink. It is perfectly cooling for their hot and delicious food.

We both got a starter, a mango lissa drink, a main course plate with rice and salad and some kind of spicey food of our choosing (the menu is endless!), an icecream for dessert and I go a cup of tea for about 300 DKK (30 £ / 40 € / 45 $)

It's like the saying "don't judge the book by its cover" and that is so true with Spicey Kitchen.

Until next time,
x Sofie


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