Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Life lately #3 - 1 month in

Oh well, how this month has gone quickly. It's only one month since I started in high school again after the summer. I can't even remember hat it feels like to have holiday, I'm just back into the old and lazy and boring routine of school and homework - and what feels like no time for my hobbies.

The end of summer is always hard for me because I'm scared what the new beginning might mean for my hobbies, free time - and especially my blog. As I've said before my blog is my baby, and I've come this far on only one and a half year, and I love writing what I'm feeling down and hopefully some of you can relate to what I'm writing or get inspired.

Life had been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, goods and bads, break-ups and make-ups and crying and laughing. And I'm trying to find a balance where there will be room for all of it without it is stressing me, or making me feel weak or like I've "lost"the happy me forever just because I'm crying.

What has been hard for me this month, and a thing I will constantly be working on; I have to accept that I can't do everything. I can't get and A in a subject I just don't get, even though how hard i try. I can't upload a blogpost if I didn't have the time to write it  because I do need sleep and education and school comes before hobbies.

School i hard and there is a lot of homework and assignments to do, and I'm the kind of person that feels bad if I go to school if I haven't done all my homeworks to an A  which is really bad, because I could never put it away, my mind is always thinking about "what is the next thing I should do?!" which is really bad, because it affected my lovelife, and I was never really there when I was together with T, my thought was a completely different place. And we had a few trouble about what we should do to get our relationship back on track.

Luckily we found our ways because I couldn't live without him as my rock in the hard times. But for now I'm wroking on finding a balance again, so I can keep on writing for you, be with T when I'm with T, be with my friends, do my homework and get good grades, doing my habbies and yet get enough sleep - it sounds hard, but I should be good soon...

Until next time,
x Sofie

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