Monday, 26 September 2016

Snapchat vs. Instagram stories

After Instagram released Instagram Stories, there have been a fight between Instagram and snapchat users. To be honest I get why, but for me it is perfect with both of the apps!

Just before the release of Instagram Stories I considered to start an snapchat account for my blogging network. Before the thought became reality the Instagram Stories was there. Which was perfect for me!

Here is why:
  • I don't have to log in an out of my personal snapchat 
  • Which means one less password to remember
  • I can stay in one app both for everyday sharing and for photo sharing (as Instagram is my go to app)
  • I can keep snapchat for my personal use (which means double chin pics to my friends) 
  • You can easily flip through stories and go back (which I'm now missing on snapchat)
I have my followers platform on Instagram, which makes it easier just to stay with, I would have to start a whole new follower group on a snapchat account, which for me would not be that great for my views. But I still love snapchat, and here is why it is better than Instagram:

  • Better filters
  • I miss the time filter on snapchat when I use Instagram Stories
  • The "cancel" butter is a nicer place for your hand on Snapchat
  • A better overview over stories with a scroll down, instead of the top-menu in Instagram
I would love to hear your opinion on this one!

Until next time, 
x Sofie

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