Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Time Machine

These pictures was shooted on the last day of summer. You can almost see that it is September, just by the light - it is not that warm and bright, yellow-ish light during the summer, it is more of a cold, white, glowy almost sparkling light. It was one of those days, where you cannot choose if it is the perfect autmn day for those cute tumblr-autmn-girl-outfits, or it is for a summer dress or a little skirt?

I felt like thsi dress was the perfect inbetween, with its short length, yet wintery pattern and sophisticated-busy-I've-got-this-shit attitude, it was the perfect signal to send on such a confusing day when people either were freezing or taking of their coats. I've got this shit attitude is always a winner.

What I wore:
Dress:Zac Posen for Wolford
Shoes: B&Co

What it also reminds me about, is the character Clara Oswald from one of my Netflix Faves series (and blogpost HERE). I love her style and sense of persoanlity through her clothes, and this dress also have a little feeling of Time Machine (read: Tradis - you would know if you've seen the serie) over it. I love it.

On such a confusing day, where you don't know whether to miss the summer or look forward to the autumn ahead, it was a perfect choice to stay in the moment and just capture the light. And the real question is; would you go back or foward?

Until next time,
x Sofie


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